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Shearwater Research designs and manufactures computers for all types of divers demanding more from themselves and their diving experience. Whether you're an air, nitrox, multi gas trimix or closed circuit rebreather diver, Shearwater offers products which are powerful, simple and reliable.



Introducing the Tern & Tern TX Dive Computers

November 13, 2023

Introducing the Tern & Tern TX Dive Computers

Shearwater Research Inc. is proud to announce the latest additions to its iconic line of dive computers.

Designed with the sport diver in mind, the new Tern & Tern TX models are powerful, simple, []

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Art in an Ocean World

November 8, 2023

Art in an Ocean World

Before I ever set foot in the ocean, I was painting it. The ocean materialized itself in my world as a child, long before I ever experienced it for myself. I would paint ocean sunsets []

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Are Fish Cats In Disguise?

October 5, 2023

Are Fish Cats In Disguise?

When the pandemic pushed our high school online, we were free to dive every week and explore the many sites San Diego has to offer. As aspiring engineers and scientists, my peers and I have []

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Shearwater is comprised of a dedicated team of engineers, technologists, assemblers and customer focused sales and marketing staff that also happen to be enthusiastic recreational and technical divers.

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