Introducing the 2020 Limited Edition Shearwater Teric

Introducing the 2020 Shearwater Teric. Celebrate a new decade with the limited edition, 2020 Teric featuring a matte gold bezel and striking red strap. This unique Teric has all the features of the standard Teric, but with this eye-catching colour scheme only available for a limited run, you’ll be sure to make a splash. Starting at CAD $1449, get yours while they last.

This exclusive combination comes with an eye-catching red ballistic case and a uniquely numbered gold-coloured metal certificate of authenticity, signed by our Founder, Bruce Partridge.  Elevate your experience of owning a Teric.  This 2020 Teric is only available for a limited run, contact your local dealer to order now.


About Shearwater Research Inc

Shearwater Research Inc designs and manufactures scuba diving computers and advanced diving electronics. Based in Richmond, B.C Shearwater holds a leading position among companies and a reputation for the highest quality instruments on the market. Shearwater dive computers feature intuitive menus and interfaces that make them easy to use for divers at all development levels. Shearwater computers are designed to improve the journey for divers everywhere. Find Shearwater on Facebook.

8 Responses

  1. Hello,

    how i can order an TETRIC

    Greetings and regards Volker

  2. Avatar Bertrand

    Where could I find this red Teric

    I always have a predix
    Thank you so much for your help

  3. Avatar Asım Yalçın Dalgıç

    Why there is no Turkish language preference?Thank you so much.

    • Shearwater Research Shearwater Research

      Hi Asim,

      We will add that to our list of future languages, thank you for your request!

  4. Avatar Robert Holt

    Are these watches still available, if not do you expect them again, or were else might I pick one up?
    Thank you…

    • Avatar Trisha Stovel

      Hi Robert, these 2020 Limited Edition Teric computers are sold out, and won’t be on order again. Thank you for your interest, and you can contact your local Dealer about our regular Terics and other computers. Dealer map: