Introducing the Shearwater Peregrine™ Adventures Edition

Shearwater is excited to announce the launch of the Adventures Edition of the popular Peregrine Dive Computer, featuring two stunning colourways. Two contrasting Light and Dark Edition options draw inspiration from the vivid and diverse underwater worlds, embodying the spirit of adventure.

The Adventures Edition Light Peregrine captures the essence of coral reef diving in pristine, translucent coral seas, showcasing white, silver foam colours, and ocean teal accents.

The contrasting Adventures Edition Dark Peregrine evokes the allure of exploring temperate waters, undiscovered wrecks, and caverns with steel gray colours and sporty orange accents.

Each is presented in Edition Light & Dark colour-coded ballistic nylon cases, ideal for packing the Peregrine in a gear bag when heading out for the next dive adventure.

The new wetsuit length strap keeps the Peregrine streamlined on a wrist in warmer waters. Accent colour set of strap retainers and an additional strap colour-matched set are included for customisation. Striking coloured shock cords keep things tight for drysuit divers or those who prefer a minimalist style.

Polished stainless steel buttons are tactile, easy to use with or without gloves, and match the strap buckles.

The Peregrine logo flash is transformed to white, complimenting the inner bezel and framing our signature bright, easy-to-read display.

We're thrilled to have the Adventures Edition join our Peregrine line up, and we're sure the only decision divers will have is which adventure to choose!

Available today from authorized Shearwater dealers worldwide.

19 Responses

  1. Leon Casado

    I like the Peregrine. If I buy it through Amazon, does the guarantee applies with you guys?

    Another question: I am an AOWD. I think that the Peregrine is the right model for my needs. But Insee you also offer the Perdix version. What would be the difference between both versions? Is Peregrine right for recreational diving?

    Thank you. Best!

    • Shearwater Research

      Hi Leon, thank you for your comment and interest in the Peregrine. The 2 year warranty is attached to the serial number of the computer, so that applies. The Perdix 2 computer has additional dive modes such as open circuit technical and close circuit/bail out. The Perdix 2 also has air integration and a digital compass, both of which the Peregrine does not have. The Peregrine is a great computer for recreational diving and can be used when starting in technical diving as it does have a 3 gas nitrox mode.

      Let me know if you have any more questions.

  2. Flajollet Dominique

    Difficile à mettre en route en français pas beaucoup d’explication

    • Shearwater Research

      Bonjour, quel modèle d’ordinateur vous intéresse ? Nos ordinateurs de plongée sont disponibles en français ainsi que nos manuels et le logiciel d’enregistrement de plongée Shearwater Cloud. Faites-moi part de vos questions et je pourrai vous fournir des informations supplémentaires.


  3. Robbie Cook

    I want the Peregrine Adventure if it comes with the strap. Does it come with the strap? Thank you.

    • Shearwater Research

      Hi Robbie, thank you for your comment and interest in a Peregrine Adventures Edition. It does come with both a silicone strap and bungee that can be used.

  4. Steve Mulloy

    Hello, why do you not include the compass on the Peregrine? That is an important tool for beginning divers.

    • Shearwater Research

      Hi Steve, Thank you for taking the time to reach out. We always invite feedback and suggestions from divers. We did not include the hardware for both AI and a compass on the Peregrine to keep the price accessible for the majority of divers. I know more and more divers are foregoing the analogue compass and looking to streamline all into one device and your point is a very valid one. I’ll definitely pass this along to our R&D team as we look ahead.

  5. Knowledge Allah

    I was also wondering about the lack of a digital compass. Would it be possible to add it on to an update?

    • Shearwater Research

      Hello, we don’t currently have plans to include a digital compass with our Peregrine computer. I’ve added your feature request to our Firmware teams list for consideration. Thank you.

  6. Dave

    I own the dark version and although I am new to diving I expected to be able to connect via Bluetooth to the SSI app for logging my dives. Also a compass or gps would be great.

  7. R Mags

    Amazing computer and would have bought it in a snap, but the lack of AI puts it behind its peers from other brands. I appreciate you wanted to keep the cost accessible, but you’ve foregone some features that are no longer seen as a luxury. Will await the next iteration!


    How do I interpret the 30 hour battery life? Is that 30 hours of diving or 30 hours after I start the first dive? How do I store the device when not diving?

  9. Knowledge Allah

    Hello. Is it possible to switch gases during a Dive? I have an idea of doing a Dive with two different nitriox mixes, and one air. Could this be possible?

  10. Michael Allen Shealy

    I have enjoyed the Peregrine but like others it would be a huge asset to have the AI and a digital Compass. Hopefully this can be added as an update in the near future.

  11. Chuck Gathers II

    Does the peregrine have an option for a console? Many computers use wrist mounts as the only option. Divers in the 70’s couldn’t wait to get their compass, depth gauge, etc off of their wrist to prevent loss and expedite getting in the water.

    • Shearwater Research

      Hello Chuck, the Peregrine does have a console option. You can contact your local Shearwater dive centre to ask them about this console option.

  12. Vince

    I was a happy owner of a Petrel, and now aupgraded it to a Perdix2 which I use extensively with my 4 AI in normoxic set up.
    As a SM enthousiast I would like to recommend the peregrine to a friend of mine, but is there any plan to upgrade it with AI features?
    Kind regards,

    • Shearwater Research

      Hello Vince, it is a popular feature request for the Peregrine computer, and while our Engineering team is always working away on something, we don’t pre-announce new products. I’ve added your comment to our feature request list with the team.


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