Shearwater Cloud V2.1.0 Now Available


A new update of Shearwater Cloud is now available for both desktop and mobile devices. New Features include support for the new Shearwater Teric and support for variable sample rates on all dive types. Please note that Teric does not support the original Shearwater desktop application and dive logs can only be downloaded using Shearwater Cloud. You can download Shearwater Cloud v2.1.0 through the following link:

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  1. Paul McCartney


    I have updated to Shearwater Cloud v2.1.0 on my Android 8 and Windows 10.

    I can no longer sync either device. The error message on Android reads “Sync Failed. Last Successful Sync:06/01/2018 …” which is just before I updated the Cloud software on each device.

    Another strange thing noticed is that when it’s attempting to sync, it reads “downloading …/19”.
    19 is strange amount of dives as I have about 70 dives logged on the Perdix.

    Please let me know if my account is messed up. I have had a few glitches with log number in the past so I may have done something wrong.


  2. Mike Thomson

    Just to let others know, there are 2 issues I have found with the latest cloud update,
    1. When uploading the dives to the cloud there is a dive start time error of 2 hours, all the dives are 2hrs too early compared to the recorded data on the Perdix.
    2. Trying to change the cloud time data from AM to PM is not possible, the cloud app will not allow the AM/PM to be changed manually in the app.
    Both of these problems I have reported to Shearwater and both have been confirmed by a Shearwater software engineer as problems with the latest update, I have been told they are working on these problems and a new update for the software will be ready very soon.
    Happy diving everyone 😉

  3. Jerry

    Got the Teric. Love it.
    Suggestion 1: Total void of Dive Log support for this device. Shearwater should provide sufficient info for developers to update their Apps.
    Suggestion 2: please add functionality to Merge subsequent dives! I had surfaced a couple times (lake dives) and really just for a bit and it counted the, as a number of dives. I know I can (and since have) changed the surface time trigger to help with this, but the cloud app should also allow to do this.
    Suggestion 3: You’re Shearwater!!! if you’re going to make a cloud app to capture dives in a Log, commit to doing it right and proper… I was surprised with this super basic storage utility coming from Shearwater
    Suggestion 4: love the function selectable top right button! Consider adding a double tap 2nd function to that same button so it can be more versatile still.

    • Shearwater Research

      Hello, Jerry. Thank you for taking the time to give us detailed feedback. We do and are collaborating with several third party developers of dive log apps. Support for Teric in their apps may not be there yet, but it is coming up. We will log your suggestions. While we cannot promise to implement every suggestion we receive, we do take them all into consideration. Cheers.

      • Ray

        I don’t see anywhere to submit feedback so I sent an email and replied here…

        – There are numerous bugs, UI quirks, and functionality issues with the mobile and desktop versions of shearwater cloud that have existed for multiple iterations of the apps.

        – There needs to be a public bug tracker and/or feedback list so we can report issues, provide feedback, etc.

        – Missed opportunity here to have divers assist in collecting and testing bugs, and working to refine the software that backs the dive computers…

  4. Natalie

    I want to back up my divelogs from Teric to Windows Shearwater Desktop. However, my dive computer could not connect.

    On the Shearwater Desktop, there is NO Teric in “select dive computer” tab, only perdix, nerd etc.

    I tried using the bluetooth scan feature on Shearwater desktop with Bluetooth on countdown on my Teric dive computer, but my Teric could not be found.

    How do I transfer my divelogs from my dive computer to desktop?

    • Shearwater Research

      Hi, Natalie. The Teric is only supported by Shearwater Cloud. If you would like to use Shearwater Cloud in a desktop computer, you can download the Mac or PC versions here: Cheers.

  5. John Evers


    Running into a little snag on my Windows 10 pc using Shearwater Cloud (currently version 2.6.5).
    During installation I had an option to choose “start up in full screen” (or something to that extent).
    Shearwater Cloud now does exactly that. However, in order to close the program I now have to go to the taskbar and terminate from there every time. (There’s no menu bar showing, where you’d normally close an application.
    After de- and reinstalling multiple times there are no changes to the screen size. (The “start up at full screen” option during install is also no longer shown.) Any suggestion on how to get the menu bar back in Shearwater Cloud?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Trisha Stovel

      Hi John, Thank you for your comment. I’m sorry to hear that you are having this issue with the full screen display. I understand that you are being assisted by one of our Software Engineers by email.

      Customer Support Representative

  6. John Evers

    Hi Trisha,

    At present I’m not being assisted on this matter. It is still unresolved.
    One thing I noticed is that another user on my pc uses Shearwater Cloud and is not experiencing the “Window” missing.