Shearwater Firmware V91 for Perdix 2 and Petrel 3 and Cloud V2.9.0 are Now Available

Shearwater is excited to release Version 91 Firmware for our new Perdix 2 and Petrel 3 models only. Features introduced in this firmware may become available on older products at a later date.

Version 91 includes the following new features:

Perdix 2 and Petrel 3:

  • Vibrating alarms have been added
  • The “NDL Display” setting can be set to “Mini”. This change allows some main screen customization for users that are displaying three PPO2 sensors in CCR mode.
  • Button sensitivity can be set to Low, Medium, or High depending on user preference.

Petrel 3:

  • Add AI support for up to 4 transmitters to all variants of the Petrel 3.
  • Displays a history of PPO2 calibrations. A log browser shows the date, status, millivolt (mV) levels, and input parameters for all PPO2 calibrations.

You can read the complete English Release Notes here: Perdix 2 and Petrel 3 Release Notes v91

Other language versions of this Perdix 2 and Petrel 3 Release Notes are available on our Perdix 2 and Petrel 3 Support & Downloads pages.

New Feature! Divers can now include dives made from other computers into their Shearwater Cloud dive log by importing UDDF files.

And some of the following changes and bug fixes include the following:

  • Added support for Perdix 2 and Petrel 3
  • Changed Shearwater database’s data representation for reduced storage size
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes dives would continue to show an already downloaded dive in the download list selection.
  • Improved Bluetooth connection with some dive computers

 You can read the complete English Release Notes here: Shearwater Cloud Version 2.9.0

Available at and the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

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  1. Wallace Brown

    I just wanted to say thx for putting the Perdix 2 up for sale just two weeks after a bought another new Perdix. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Perdix, but would have purchased the 2 if I’d known. A little irritating! First world problems.


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