Richmond, BC - May 02, 2023 - Shearwater Research, the leading brand in dive computers and electronic control systems for rebreathers, today announced the appointment of Jason Leggatt as the company's new CEO. Current CEO Jim Hartt will be retiring on July 31, 2023. “Lynn and I would like to thank Jim for guiding Shearwater through the eventful past four years and wish him well in his retirement” said Shearwater’s founder and Board member Bruce Partridge. “We are also confident and excited about the company’s continued success under Jason’s leadership”.

Jason Leggatt brings over 22 years of experience in the marine industry, having previously served as the President of Mustang Survival, a leading personal protective equipment company. Leggatt has experience running an iconic Canadian brand and has a reputation for building new brand strategies that honour the founders' DNA of innovation, product excellence, and manufacturing in North America.

"I am excited to join Shearwater and lead this exceptional team," said Leggatt. "I have always admired the Shearwater brand for its powerful, simple, and reliable products, and I am committed to building on the legacy and culture that Jim and the founders have created."

Jim Hartt, the outgoing CEO, had this to say about Leggatt's appointment: "Jason is an exceptional leader with a proven track record in the marine industry. He is the right person to lead Shearwater into the future, and I am confident that Shearwater will continue to thrive and deliver great products and experiences to our customers."

In addition to the new CEO, Shearwater Research has also appointed a new Vice President for Sales & Marketing, Josh Horoshok. Horoshok brings decades of experience in the outdoor industry, working with big and small brands across the manufacturing and retail sectors. He is a creative visionary who is passionate about building brands that have deep-rooted purposes and drive product excellence for consumers.

“With the addition of Jason and Josh to the executive leadership team in their respective roles, Shearwater Research is well-positioned to continue enhancing our products and service in all markets globally, and explore new possibilities under the water.” added Rashad Rahman, Chair of Shearwater’s Board. “I’d like to join Bruce and Lynn in thanking Jim for his contributions and I look forward to working closely with Jason and his team”.

About Shearwater Research:

Shearwater Research is the leading brand in dive computers and electronic control systems for rebreathers. The company's products are favored by technical divers and rebreather divers all over the world for their powerful, simple, and reliable design. Shearwater Research's values include a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, energized success, and respect for everyone. For more information about Shearwater Research, visit

2 Responses

  1. Good day
    I am a passionate scuba diver and done a quite a bit of diving with mixed gases on a re breather. I am what they call a ‘home builder’ of re breathers.
    I would really like to talk to Mr Jason Leggatt to find out if the company would not be interested to invest in me and my unique low profile re breather.
    I begg you pls to give me a opportunity to put forward my design for consideration as maybe a new product range.
    Rian Jordaan
    +27 84 2085956
    South Africa.

    • Shearwater Research

      Hello Rian, thank you for your comment. You can email Shearwater at to introduce yourself further and let us know if you have any questions there as well.


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