Should I Always Upgrade to the Latest Firmware Version?

When in doubt, yes, you should update to the latest firmware version.

Occasionally we might release a firmware version that has no functional changes for divers. V72 for Perdix, Petrel and NERD 2 is an example of such a release. Upgrading from V71 to V72 will not have any negative effects on your dive computers. However, from the diver’s point of view nothing will change when moving from V71 to V72. There will be no benefit for a diver to upgrade from V71 to V72. Therefore it is not necessary to do so.

Why does Shearwater do this?

The reasons may vary from case to case, but they will probably be related to changes in production processes. We will update release notes accordingly.

Thank you for your understanding

6 Responses

  1. Avatar Ruchdi BOUTHIBA

    I dive a perdix for 1 year now, amazing computer !
    My only complain is when you make a deco dive , it would be really nice to see all your stops before surface and how many time as some others computers do. I don’t like to just know the total time ascending and just see the first stop. Do you think about to include that improvement in the next firmware?

    Best regards


  2. Avatar Steven DiGiulio

    What does Perdix AI firmware release V72 do?

  3. Avatar Gregory Rendelman

    My wife and I both have a Teric and love it. I think one thing should be disseminated to all . If you have a failure to communicate with AI, taking the battery out for 5 minutes and it does work. I will say any other transmitter near the Shearwater transmitter causes failure. I have seen this twice. This company has an amazing product and incredible support. Thank you

  4. Avatar Ashlee Williams

    My husbands Perdix won’t turn on. Tried 4 new batteries and no luck. No water/battery corrosion either. Used it two weeks ago in fresh water too.

    • Dylan Winchester Dylan Winchester

      Hi Ashlee,
      Sorry to hear that your husband’s Perdix won’t turn on, send us an email to with your serial number if possible and one of our customer care members will get back to you right away. Thanks and have a great day.