The Ultimate Dive Computer System - TERIC X SWIFT

TERIC X SWIFT Box Set - The Ultimate Dive Computer System

Upgrade Your Dive
The Ultimate Dive Computer System


Some things are just better together, like the flagship Shearwater Teric computer and the new Swift transmitter. For a limited time, we've packaged the Teric and Swift in a boxed set to present the ultimate dive computer system for the demanding diver.

Available in Black, Silver or Blue variations, each box contains the full individually packaged Teric and Swift with ballistic cases.

For more information about the Teric and Swift, visit our product page to learn more.

Designed and built in Canada for divers of all experience levels. Inquire your local Shearwater dealer for more information.


Upgrade your dive with Teric x Swift - Dive Computer System

2 Responses

  1. John Davey

    Couldn’t you have included an electronic compass in the Peregrine dive computer given that the retail price is $500 now. Even if you needed to slightly increase the price, with the electronic compass, you would own the mid $ range dive computer market. Air integration doesn’t make sense because the price would have to substantially increase and the additional cost of the transmitter would put the system into the upper $ range market.
    The problem with the Peregrine, without the compass, is that the diver has to have a pressure gauge and a compass. Perhaps a manual compass on the same wrist as the dive computer– what a hassle. And now the Peregrine is at the very high $ end of mid-range computers that don’t have air integration or compass.

    I hope you consider this,
    John Davey

  2. John Sullivan

    I have a dive buddy who likes a console with compass and SPG
    The Peregrine was exactly what she wanted.


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