Senior Firmware Engineer

About Us

Shearwater Research is a privately held, profitable technology company which is the world leader in the field of technical diving computers and rebreather oxygen controllers. Based in Richmond, British Columbia, we have dealers in over 70 countries, and service centers in Canada, USA, UK, and New Zealand. We take pride in our corporate culture of high energy excellence, with self-managed professionals who thrive in delivering results in a tangible, visible manner. We are a fast growing company with a very bright future.

As a Senior Firmware Engineer you will develop highly-reliable code for advanced technical dive computers and rebreather control systems. Coding is primarily in C and encompasses the entire range of embedded development from peripheral drivers to user interfaces. Best practices will be employed and continually refined regarding architecture, maintainability, documentation, and testability. This position reports directly to the Director of Engineering.

Key skills and qualifications you bring…

  • 8+ years experience developing high-reliability embedded systems.
  • High competency in C for embedded systems.
  • Understanding of the limitations of C in highly reliable systems.
  • Knowledge of RTOS and embedded firmware architecture.
  • Experience with ARM Cortex microcontrollers and writing drivers for MCU peripherals.
  • Able to read schematics and PCB layouts and perform basic hardware debugging.
  • Able to operate electronics test equipment such as multimeters, debuggers, oscilloscopes, and logic analyzers.
  • Familiar with common engineering tools such as revision control, bug tracking, and project management systems.

Key competencies you bring…

  • An excellent record of individual technical achievement.
  • An architectural thinker, able to design embedded systems for long-term success by drawing on previous experience and knowledge of best design practices for reliability, scalability, and security.
  • An effective communicator, able to articulate complex technical specifications to senior customers and partner engineers, while also communicating successfully with less technical staff members.
  • A team player with an affinity for inclusion and collaboration in a technically competent group.
  • Strong technical problem solving and project management skills with a drive to get things done.

Beneficial Experience…

  • Scuba diving or interest in company sponsored scuba training
  • Scripting languages (e.g. Python)
  • Bluetooth communications
  • Prior experience in a consumer electronic products environment
  • Desire to contribute to organisation beyond core requirements

Required Education…

  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher in an Engineering and/or Computer Science discipline.

Contact and Next Steps

Please submit your resume and cover letter by e-mail to resume 'at'

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