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Shearwater Cloud BETAShearwater Cloud on Desktop

Shearwater divers can now link their network of devices and have the flexibility to share information between them all. The power to download and update your dive logs is now in your pocket.

Shearwater Cloud for desktop is here!

App Available Now!

Available on Mac, Windows, Android and iOS! Get to the downloads page by clicking here.


Perdix AI
Petrel 2


If you’re curious to see what features and functionality we plan on adding to the Shearwater Cloud click here to learn more!

Known Issues

Click here to learn more about the known issues for Shearwater Cloud.


Shearwater Cloud

There are a few ways you can try to establish connectivity with your Android device:

  • Restart the app
  • Ensure “Location Services” are enabled
  • Restarting the Bluetooth connection every 30 seconds
  • Restart the Android device

If none of the methods proposed above works, please feel free to contact us at

No, registering for a Shearwater cloud account is like registering for any new account. The password you opt to use have no relations to the password you use for your email.

Your email server may have flagged the activation mail as spam. Check your SPAM/JUNK to see if there are any emails from Shearwater.

Likely the situation you are experiencing is the old Bluetooth Pairing on your dive computer is stored a little awkwardly from the previous Windows Version. I advise we remove the Bluetooth pairing and re-establish it in Shearwater Cloud Desktop.


To remove the Bluetooth pairing, please follow these steps:


1) Open Bluetooth Settings by searching "Bluetooth & other devices" in your start menu and clicking the icon with the same name.

2) Click on any Dive Computer’s you see and select Remove Device.

3) Try uploading your dives via Cloud Desktop and ignore any prompts to manually reconnect your Dive Computer. Cloud Desktop will set it up automatically. This may take a few attempts, depending on the speed of your computer reinstalling the driver.