Shearwater Cloud BETA



Shearwater Cloud BETA

Shearwater divers can now link their network of devices and have the flexibility to share information between them all. The power to download and update your dive logs is now in your pocket.

Open BETA is here!

App Available Now!

Android and iOS are both available! Get to the downloads page by clicking here.


Perdix AI iOS
Perdix Android
Petrel 2


If you’re curious to see what features and functionality we plan on adding to the Shearwater Cloud click here to learn more!

Known Issues

Click here to learn more about the known issues for Shearwater Cloud.


Shearwater Cloud

We are aware of the issue where Samsung phones don’t have reliable connections and are working to address it.

In the meantime, the following temporary solutions should enable you to connect:

  1. Restarting the connection every 30 seconds by clicking “X” in the “Connect” panel and re-starting the connection both on the phone and dive computer
  2. Ensure “Location Services”, “Contacts”, “Storage” are enabled by navigating to “Android Settings -> Apps -> Shearwater -> Permissions”
  3. Restart the app completely

No, registering for a Shearwater cloud account is like registering for any new account. The password you opt to use have no relations to the password you use for your email.