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Shearwater Cloud


The following quick-start guides are available for your viewing:

Registering for a Cloud Account

1. Navigate to the Cloud panel, click “Register” to create a new account.

2. Complete the form and hit “Register”.

Your email address will be your username when connecting to your Cloud account.

To change your password, simply click the following button:

A forget password email will be sent to your inbox.

Connecting To Your Cloud Account

1. Navigate to the Cloud panel and sign in with the credentials you used to register with.


2. Push the "Sync" Cloud icon to initiate the sync process.


3. When syncing is complete, the timestamp will update to the latest sync.

When a cloud account is signed-in, the username will be displayed at the top of the app.
All new dives downloaded on to your mobile device will be linked to your cloud account – even when there is no internet connection.

When no cloud users are signed-in, “Guest” will be displayed
All new dives downloaded on to your mobile device will be linked to the “Guest” account. When you sign-in to your cloud account, you will be asked if wish to transfer the dives to your cloud account.

Auto-syncing is not supported with the app. To ensure changes are saved to the cloud, users will need to hit the “Sync” button every time.

Pairing your mobile device to a dive computer

1. Start the Bluetooth on your dive computer and wait for the “Waiting for PC” message to appear.

2. Push the Bluetooth icon to begin the sync process with your dive computer.

3. When connection is successful, you can now download dives and update your dive computer’s firmware.

How To Delete A Dive

1. Navigate to the dive list and select the dive you wish to delete.

2. Press the trash can icon on the top right hand corner to delete the dive.

3. Click “Yes” to delete the dive.

Signing-in to the Cloud

1. To begin signing-in to the Cloud, click on the Profile icon

2. Sign in with the credentials you used to register

3. As there is no auto syncing, click on the Sync icon will sync your dives.

The bottom left hand corner will always indicate the status of the sync process and when you’ve last time stamped

Connecting to your dive computer

1. Click on the Connect icon to begin downloading

2. Click the “+” then click the Bluetooth Icon to begin connecting to your dive computer

3. Once you are connected, you click download your dives, updating firmware, and etc.

4. After the initial connection, you will see your dive computer displayed underneath the “+” sign.
For faster connections, click on your dive computer, then click Connect.
You can also change your dive computer name here.


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