Ronnie returns...

In the fall of 2018 we, at Shearwater, received a phone call from a rather sad customer. He was calling to report that his trusty Perdix had been stolen. He went on to talk about how he loved this piece of gear and even gave it a name. He named it Ronnie, after the name on the inspection card that is with every new computer. In this case, Ronnie, a Quality Technician and a long time Shearwater team member was the one that had inspected the computer. We thought this was a sweet gesture, and were sad for this customer having lost his clearly beloved computer. We took his information and promised if we would keep an eye out.

Months passed and the memory of Ronnie the Perdix faded. Then one day in March we received another phone call from the same customer. He was calling to let us know we could mark Ronnie as found! Apparently the Winnipeg police found Ronnie in a pawn shop on the North side of town. No one really knows what adventures Ronnie got up to in the interim. So his owner wanted him to come in for a check up, just in case….

About a week later Ronnie showed up at our door. He got a thorough once over and even met his namesake! Ronnie’s now returned to his home in Winnipeg to log many more dives with a clean bill of health.

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  1. Avatar Steve Micallef

    I have two computers the Perdix and a Petrel2 I just love them as they are so easy to learn how to use . On deep technical dives this is what you want . Keep up the good work.


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