NERD 2 Manual Downloads

Our most current product information is in our release notes. Make sure to check out the most recent release notes.

Current Firmware Version: V46

Firmware Update Instructions

Note: Updating the firmware will reset the decompression tissue loading.

  1. Ensure that you have the latest Shearwater Desktop installed
  2. In Shearwater Desktop, go to Dive Computer > Update Firmware...
  3. On your NERD, navigate to Start Bluetooth or System Setup > System Setup > Load Upgrade, depending on your firmware version
  4. Shearwater Desktop will detect your NERD and select the latest available firmware.
  5. Follow the instructions in Shearwater Desktop to select your firmware language and begin the update.

Looking For Firmware Files?

The easiest way to update you firmware is to download the new Shearwater Desktop and select Dive Computer-> Update Dive computer. Follow the instructions on the screen and Shearwater Desktop will handle the rest.