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Perdix AI

Firmware Updates

Current Firmware Version: V71

Update instructions

Note: Updating the firmware will reset the decompression tissue loading.

  1. Ensure that you have the latest Shearwater Desktop installed
  2. In Shearwater Desktop, go to Dive Computer > Update Firmware...
  3. On your Perdix, navigate to Start Bluetooth or  System Setup > System Setup > Load Upgrade, depending on your firmware version
  4. Shearwater Desktop will detect your Perdix and select the latest available firmware.
  5. Follow the instructions in Shearwater Desktop to select your firmware language and begin the update.

Getting Firmware Files

The easiest way to update your firmware is to download the new Shearwater Desktop and select Dive Computer-> Update Dive computer.  Follow the instructions on the screen and Shearwater Desktop will handle the rest.

Support Request


  • For repairs, please contact your nearest Repair Center listed below via email for RMA shipping details.
  • For cloud software, bluetooth connectivity and IT support inquiries, please email
  • For sales & customer support inquiries, please contact your nearest regional sales representative office.

New Zealand Sales & Customer Support

Andrew Simpson
021 2338763

United States Sales & General Customer Support

Curt McNamee
Everett, WA, USA

Canada and California Sales & Customer Support

Alex Tayler
Richmond, Canada

Asia Pacific Sales & Customer Support

Daren Marshall
+61 (0)7 3708 1008
+65 3159 3632
Brisbane, Australia

US Repair Center

DIVE-Tronix, LLC
Richard Morton
Snohomish, WA, USA

EU Repair Center

Narked at 90 Ltd
Northamptonshire, UK

Asia/Pac Repair Center

Rob Edward
+64 21 535378
Wellington, NZ