Shearwater will be there for you. We're extending product warranty!

Shearwater will be there for you! #wewilldiveagain #diveshearwater

We know some of us can't dive into the oceans, explore those wrecks, or light up caves right now. But when we can again, the Shearwater team will be there for you.

To show our support to the diving community in these challenging times, we are extending our product warranty to January 1st , 2023 for any new Teric, Perdix, , Perdix AI, Petrel 2, and Nerd 2 purchased anytime in 2020.

So no matter if you purchased your computer earlier this year or order today, we have your back.

You don't need to register with us, just retain your proof of purchase from your Shearwater dealer.  In the unlikely event that you need assistance, we'll be happy to help.

Have questions or comments? Our team are still working and we'd love to hear from you.

Shearwater is extending product warranty

9 Responses

  1. Avatar Adrián


  2. I’m so impressed and I bought 2 last dive season for the Philippines can’t say enough about your products.

    Hope to sell them I’m my dive center in Whitby some day

  3. thanks for the warranty.
    hopefully this nightmare will end soon.
    covid-19 has changed our habits.
    I am optimistic.
    a wish to make excellent dive shortly.
    Good luck


  4. Avatar John Krake

    My Perdix AI is very easy to use and versatile. As I have had it for less than a year I am still exploring its features. In the dive log is there an option to have the gas or gases used during a dive displayed in the log? If not is that something that could be added as an update?
    Thank you for a great product and support.
    John Krake

    • Shearwater Research Shearwater Research

      Hi John, Thank you for your support in Shearwater. Glad to hear that you like your Perdix AI. In regarding to your question, the gas or gases used during a dive isn’t quite displayed; what is displayed is any gases that are programmed into the computer for the dive, plus any gas switches that are done during a dive are displayed in the graph.

  5. Avatar Jalil Aziz

    Hi i just bought a Teric and i try to register my warranty but I can’t find the warranty registration section.

    • Dylan Winchester Dylan Winchester

      Hello Jalil, You don’t need to register your Teric because the warranty lives with the dive computer itself and not the owner, so it is already covered. Let us know if you have any further questions by emailing
      Thank you for your question and have a good day.

  6. Avatar Chris Johnson

    If I buy a used Perdix AI and transmitter would it still have a warranty?

    • Avatar Trisha Stovel

      Hi Chris, the warranty is attached to the computer and not the user. So, as long as it is still within its 2 year warranty period, then it will.