Introducing the Shearwater Predator

Shearwater Research Inc is pleased and excited to announce our new line of Predator dive computers. These new products will be shown for the first time at the Birmingham dive show on Saturday Oct 24th 2009.

The Predator incorporates all the features of the Pursuit and offers you a choice of a full colour OLED screen or our standard monochrome LCD. Our high resolution colour OLED screen is larger than the LCD by about 15% and runs on the same Saft Lithium 3.6V user changeable battery. We expect a 1 year stand by time on the Predator colour OLED and about 150 dive hours.

The colour screen allows us to use colour to convey meaning. When the screen is all green, there are no warnings. When text goes yellow or red, it notifies the diver of a problem or unusual value. With the new big and bright screen, a buddy or instructor can see at a glance whether their buddy has all green status. We think that simple ways of communicating status like using green for good status and yellow and red for error conditions continue our methods of simple and informative displays.

The Shearwater Dive Log software program is now also available for general release. A copy of it will be available on our website in the next few days. Predator dive log downloads and software updates will be accessed via Bluetooth. The dive log also supports the Pursuit using IRDA. We try hard to provide an upgrade path for our customers. The Pursuit is fully upgradeable to the full colour Predator. The upgrade is a circuit board replacement. The upgrade will be $450 CDN plus shipping both ways. It will be available directly from Shearwater, and will be performed at one of our service centers.

We are also introducing the Predator and Pursuit SA. SA refers to stand alone. This particular model does not have a Fischer connector and has limited upgrade potential. It is an open circuit trimix computer that can be upgraded to a fixed PO2 closed circuit computer. We are offering stand alone Pursuit models with their standard monochrome LCD for $1,095 CDN. The full color Predator stand alone model can be purchased with the full colour OLED screen for $1,245 CDN.

We are in Birmingham for the Dive 2009 show but we will do our best to answer emails over the next few days.

Pursuits are still available, and the Predator will start shipping the week after Nov 15.

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