Perdix Announcement

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – January 4, 2016 – Shearwater Research Inc., is proud to present their newest dive computer: The Perdix. Merging state of the art manufacturing techniques and innovative engineering materials, Shearwater has successfully developed a low-profile, sleekly contoured design without sacrificing features vital to technical divers.

Perdix Double Shadow

Like the Petrel, the Perdix features several modes including Open-Circuit Recreational, Open-Circuit Technical, Closed-Circuit fixed PPO2, and Gauge Mode to suit any diving style. Much like its predecessor, the Perdix offers a user friendly, 2 button menu system, 1000-hour dive log, user replaceable AA battery, and free firmware releases with Bluetooth integration.

Pertinent and user customizable dive information is clearly presented on the large, high resolution, 2.2” LCD display with enhanced colour saturation. The design of the Perdix is roughly 30% smaller in volume than the Petrel, with an increased battery life of using any type of AA battery. The Perdix is also equipped with an integrated bungee mount along with the classic strap mounts, giving Shearwater divers more flexibility on how to wear their computers.

Full technical specifications for the Perdix can be found on Shearwater’s Website and a tutorial video highlighting the different features will be released shortly on their YouTube page. The Perdix is now available for purchase through the Shearwater dealer network.

The Perdix will be showcased at the “Salon de Plongeé” show in Paris, France between January 8th and 11th at the Innodive booth (#D17). It will also be showcased at the “Boot” show in Dusseldorf, Germany between January 23rd and 31st at the dive2gether booth (#3J05).

Shearwater is committed to providing divers with simple, powerful, and reliable dive computers and this mission continues with the Perdix.

About Shearwater

Shearwater Research Inc., was founded in 2004 by its CEO, Bruce Partridge. By combining his knowledge of computer systems designs, embedded programming, and advanced technical diving he was able to bring a unique perspective to the world of dive computers. Shearwater strives to live by their motto of powerful, simple, and reliable in everything they do including their products, customer service, and technical support.

4 Responses

  1. This would appeal more to Recreational divers if it had a transmitter option. Here in the UK we are very fond of our transmitters which is why the Suunto products are so popular with both Rec & Tec divers.

  2. I second the above comment: transmitter would be awesome and open up a much bigger market.
    I know a lot of tech divers diving with Petrels who would upgrade for transmitter version.
    Geolocalisation would also be great (though clearly not as important).

  3. What are you guys smoking? Transmitters? For technical divers?

    I had a transmitter on my first Suunto and it was the single most unreliable piece of kit ever and I know I am far from being alone there. Good idea. Lets add a useless piece of kit onto technical equipment that makes it less reliable.

    For my technical OC kit – ONE SPG on my left post. That is all you need to quickly know where the gas is leaking from in an event.

    Transmitters are there for the lazy that can’t be bothered to check an SPG.

    If you honestly believe that transmitters are necessary for technical diving then you need to sell your technical gear and go back to recreational diving.

    • Please re-read the Tim Saville comment. He very clearly states “…this would appeal more to recreational divers…”.
      Believe it or not, the vast majority of divers (probably in excess of 95%) have no intention of ever going into caves, wrecks or incurring any sort of deco obligation. For those folks, there is absolutely nothing wrong with AI via transmitter.