February 25 2019 - Voluntary Recall Notice - Yellow Transmitters

February 25 2019 - Shearwater Research is voluntarily issuing a recall for yellow wireless transmitters. We discovered yellow transmitters may have the same transmission interval as the one found in grey transmitters. When transmitters of both colors are used by the same diver in the same dive, signal interference could be produced between transmitters causing dropped signals and loss of communications. Although the chance of this occurring is small, the potential is there.

The transmitter is cylindrical in shape, three inches in length, YELLOW in color, and marked with the letters "FCC ID: MH8A" along with a unique serial number. It is sold by Shearwater Research to dealers worldwide under their part number 13009.

Divers should cease using the YELLOW version of the Shearwater wireless tank pressure transmitter. Shearwater prefers to manage their voluntary recall directly with the consumer. Please contact Shearwater Research by e-mail at info@shearwater.com or on-line at www.shearwater.com, or during business hours by telephone +1 604.669.9958 for more information on arranging repair or exchange of the transmitter. Please give us your physical location when contacting us via email. Shearwater will only manage repairs or replacements for transmitters sold by Shearwater. If your YELLOW color transmitter was sourced from a brand name other than Shearwater, we suggest you contact the original source for further information.

Please DO NOT send yellow transmitters without first obtaining a RMA number (Return Merchandise Authorization) from us.

The GREY version of the transmitter is NOT affected by the recall notice and dive computers are NOT affected by the recall notice.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What would I see if I were to encounter this failure?

Within 30 seconds of losing communications the reported pressure readings will start flashing yellow with an alternating "No Comms" message as a warning that the pressure reading is no longer current. If pressure data is not updated within 90 seconds the pressure readings will blank out and start flashing red with an alternating "No Comms" message.

Will I find this specific type of interference if I only use 1 transmitter during my dives?

No. This interference is only encountered when two transmitters with the same interval are used on the same dive by the same diver.

I only do single tank dives and only use my one yellow transmitter by itself. Am I at any risk of interference?

Shearwater recommends the use of submersible pressure gauges in conjunction with wireless transmitters. While it is unlikely to find this specific type of interference, there are other factors that could lead to a transmitter failure and having an adequate redundancy is an appropriate way for managing diving risk.

Should I send my one single yellow transmitter for repair or replacement? I only do single tank dives and only use my one yellow transmitter by itself.

Yes. You can request to have the yellow transmitter replaced with a grey transmitter, if you choose to do so. The defective yellow transmitters are functionally no different than grey transmitters.

I have been diving with my yellow and grey transmitters for a long time now and have never encountered any issues, should I send my yellow transmitter even when it seems to be working perfectly fine?

Yes. You were sold a transmitter that was specified to have a different transmission interval than your grey transmitter and that may not be the case. While the probability of encountering interference between two grey transmitters may be relatively low, it is real. The different interval of the yellow transmitter was intended to significantly reduce this probability. We recommended this to our customers and have now found out that the intended risk reduction is not there. Because of this we now recommend that you send your yellow transmitter back for repair / replacement.

How long will I be without my transmitter if I send it for repair / replacement?

We will make every effort to act as fast as possible. We are working with our transmitter supplier to coordinate a joint swift response plan to this.

Will my transmitter warranty be affected after repair or replacement?

Shearwater will reset your warranty period to two years after you receive a repaired yellow transmitter.

10 Responses

  1. Jerry Sliker

    I dive sidemount and use a yellow and grey transmitter,I have had the problems mentioned. When repaired or replaced will it work on my sidemount system

    • Shearwater Research

      There will be less chances of this problem coming up once you have a yellow transmitter with the proper transmission interval.

  2. Christa Howarth

    Are there any plans to offer the yellow transmitter (or any alternative colors to gray)?

    • Shearwater Research

      Yes, yellow transmitters with the proper transmission interval are coming soon.

  3. Victoria Pitt

    Any idea when you will have new yellow transmitters that work properly? I dive sidemount and have purchased one gray one but am waiting to buy the yellow. Is there a time frame or ETA?


    • Shearwater Research

      Hi, Victoria the transmitters are available now. Cheers.

  4. Turk

    I have been following the recall and am wondering when we will see the yellow transmitters back for sale? I already have the gray but am looking to get yellow so I can put them on my sidemount setup.

    • Shearwater Research

      The transmitters are available for sale now. Cheers

  5. Hussam

    I have purchased 2 yellow transmitters for me and my dive body last week (4 April) from Dubai. is there a way to tell if the ones I bought have the proper transmission interval?

    • Shearwater Research

      Yes, Husam. The ones with the proper interval will have a the numbers “5.2” laser engraved in the body of the transmitter. Regards.


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