Release Notes Shearwater Desktop 3.1.1

Changes in Version 3.1.1:

Bug Notes:

  • SLIP RX issue is still prominent in Mac’s. This is being addressed in future Firmware updates.

New Features/Improvements:

  • Windows UI now merges both Perdix and Perdix AI connection protocols.
  • Added tooltip to help distinguish between protocols for Perdix for Macs.

4 Responses

  1. Can we expect to see integration with shearwater cloud in a future desktop release? Seems silly to have to sync computer/input notes twice, if the cloud service already exists.

    • Hello Steve,

      We are working on a new Desktop application called: “Shearwater Cloud Desktop”. It will be able to import all of your dive details from Shearwater Desktop. It is currently not available at this time however.

  2. When I updated Shearwater Desktop, I got an error saying something like “Install directory not empty. Cannot continue with upgrade.” I clicked OK. Now my old installation of Shearwater desktop is gone, along with all the data. Windows 10 is my OS.

    • It sounds like Shearwater Desktop did no install properly. Go to Program Files (x86) and delete the “Shearwater Research” Folder, then run the installer again. (If you cannot delete the folder, try restarting your computer first)

      This will not affect your dives since they are stored in a hidden directory on your Windows 10 computer. If somehow you do not see your dives, please email me at:, I will be able to help retrieve them.

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