Petrel EXT and Firmware V11 Released

The Petrel EXT has been released.

Petrel EXT Released

The Petrel EXT is a trimix decompression computer that displays PPO2 from 1 or 3 oxygen sensors.

Highly versatile, the Petrel EXT can operate in the following modes:

Connected to rebreather:

  • Closed-Circuit with external PPO2.
  • Semi-Closed with external PPO2.
  • Open-Circuit bailout.

Stand alone:

  • Closed-Circuit with internal PPO2 set-point.
  • Open-Circuit

Petrel Firmware V11 has been released.

Download it here:

This is a recommended update for all Petrel users. Firmware V11 adds new features and fixes minor bugs. Please see the release notes for details.

New features include user configurable center row displays and a dive end time (DET) display.

V11 allows custom setup of the values displayed on the center row.

V11 DET Example

Dive End Time (DET) is the time of day when the dive ends.

For example, if the time-of-day is 2:45pm and the TTS is 45 minutes, then the DET is 3:30pm

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