Shearwater Desktop 2.4.0 and Mobile App

We are happy to announce our new and improved Shearwater Desktop. Firmware updates are easier and quicker with more reliable Bluetooth connectivity under Windows.

Updates are now semi-automatic meaning firmware updates are downloaded automatically from the website but will not go through with installation until given permission from the user. This means you have full control over whether you want to update or not without all the hassle of downloading the right files. Users now have the options to choose English, Chinese, French, or German as their language in Shearwater desktop.

Error messages have also been improved. Now when Shearwater Desktop encounters an error, it will give steps on how to solve the issue instead of just spitting out an error code. If the answer is unknown, it will provide a link to our website’s contact page where you can get further assistance. It can also upload a debug log for tech support to look at. That way you can focus on getting help rather than trying to figure out what an error code means.

Additionally, the software utility that communicated with the dive computer on Mac and PC are now more robust and reliable.

You can read the release notes for Shearwater Desktop 2.4.0 in their entirety and you can download the new Shearwater Desktop here.

Shearwater Cloud Mobile App

To download Shearwater Cloud Mobile to provide mobile dive log tracking and firmware updates, please go here:




3rd Party Update

On top of our new desktop release we’re happy to announce the More Mobile Software application Dive Log for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is now released ( This application allows owners of Petrel 2s to transfer their dive data to their apple devices. This support requires a Bluetooth LE capable iOS device and an in-app purchase. You can learn more about More Mobile Software and Dive Log by visiting More Mobile Software also supports the Shearwater Petrel in its MacOS applications Dive Log DT and Dive Log Manager.

Have more questions about our Desktop Software?  Check our FAQ

38 Responses

  1. Will you be releasing a version of your mobile app for Android devices? If so, do you have an idea of when that will launch? There’s a lot of Android users out there…

  2. Will you be releasing a version of your mobile app for Android? If so, do you have an idea of when it might be released? There are a lot of Android users out there…

    • Mark Lee

      Hi Murray,
      There are some android dive log managers available that will talk to our computers. The two that I know of are called “Petrel Log Manager” and “DiveMate (Scuba dive Log)”.
      If you google those names, you should get their pages in google play.


      • Thank you for those recommendations Mark. But my question was will you release a version of your app for Android, as opposed to whether or not there are 3rd party apps available. Are there any plans to support Android devices? I love my Petrel 2 and I would love to add this functionality. Thanks!

        • There is already an android app…

        • Mark Lee

          Hi Murray,

          At this time we do not have plans to release our own Android app.
          – Mark

          • Not producing an Android app is unfortunate. Android is used in about 60% of phones; iPhone in about 30%. Probably, your app can only be used by 1/3 of Petrel owners.

          • Very well stated Ric Tunney. Android has far more users worldwide then iPhone does. I know that development is a bit more difficult for the Android platform, but it is unfortunate to ignore the users. I hope Shearwater decides to make the app for Android in the future. I know there are 3rd party options, but I’m not really interested in those.

          • Mark Lee

            Hi Ric,

            I feel like I should clarify our relationship to the apps that are available.
            We do not produce the apps for Apple or Android products. The only software that we produce is Shearwater Desktop, which runs on Mac and PC.

            The apps available for Apple and Android devices are all produced by third parties. Sometimes they approach us wanting to connect to our devices, and sometimes we approach them. When a third party wants to include us in their app, we give them the information they need to connect to our dive computers, but beyond that the look and feel of the application as well as its scope is up to the developers.

            We encourage third parties to create apps for our dive computers but we don’t pay them and we don’t govern how they sell or distribute their apps. We also don’t take any payment from third party developers.
            Support for any third party app is up to the developers of that app. That being said, we are always happy to answer questions.

            Some examples of Android apps that support our dive computers:
            Petrel Log Manager
            DiveMate (Scuba Dive Log)

            Currently the only application available for Apple devices is Dive Log by More Mobile Software, although we understand that there are more in the works.

            If you have any questions about this topic or any other, please contact us at

          • Thanks, Mark, for the clarification. It wasn’t clear (to me at least) that the apps are not produced by Shearwater. Thanks for producing and supporting the PC version.

      • Hi Mark,

        I agree, Divemate and Petrel/Peterel2 are working with no issues. Not the NERD…
        Do you support Divemate? It would be nice to transfer the logs direktly to the phone.



  3. Max

    Hi guys,
    Will the iPhone app will work with the petrel 1st version and the predator?
    Would be lovely
    Thank you

    • Mark Lee

      Hi Max,

      Short answer: Only the Petrel 2 is supported on iDevices.

      Long Answer: Apple restricted the types of devices that could connect via Bluetooth classic. Because of this limitation our devices have historically not been able to connect to iDevices. When Apple started creating iDevices with Bluetooth LE (also called Smart or Low Energy) they decided to relax those conditions, but only for Bluetooth LE. That means that while the Petrel 2 (which has BT LE) can connect to modern iDevices, other Shearwater products (which do not have BT LE) cannot.

      – Mark

  4. On the iTunes site is says for Petrel 2. Does that mean my Petrel (1) will not be able to transfer dive data to this mobile app?

    • Mark Lee

      Hi Matt,
      You are correct. Unfortunately Petrel 1 is not supported on iDevices.

      – Mark

  5. Please advise which Petrel hardware version support the Dive Log app to Apple mobile devices? The “Dive Log” not free apps for Petrel owner? Is it the only apps support to Petrel?

    • Mark Lee

      Hi Victor,

      The Dive Log App supports Petrel 2. Any Petrel with a compass will have the right hardware. You are correct that it’s not free. Currently it is the only app that supports Petrel on iDevices.

      – Mark

      • Hi Mark Lee and the others!

        We are the developers of “DiveMate”. We do have an Android and iOS app. The Android app already supports the Petrel and Petrel2. We worked with Shearwater to integrate the Petrel2 into the iOS app as well. We’ll soon release an update for the Petrel2 dive transfer for iOS.
        Both apps are freely available in the AppStore and PlayStore. The full dive transfer feature is an add-on function for purchase. But there’s no double payment.
        Also the apps support many more dive computers with USB and infrared. Currently we have a Kickstarter campaign running

  6. Tom

    Link to the release notes points to this page, not to actual release notes.

    • Alex Tayler

      Hi Tom,

      Thanks for giving us the heads up.
      This error has been corrected.


  7. Problem with bluetooth after updayte 2.4.0.
    My laptop Windows 7 64-bit that has an internal bluetooth. This one doesn´t work with my Petrel 1. So I installed a external Bluetooth dongel and managed to communicate. Now after uppgrade to 2.4.0 the comunication doesn´t work any more. I tied to remove the external dongle and removed the software for the external bluetoth, removed the paring for the Petrel ( Bluetooth paring Conflicts). But still I get the message “Error #175: Scan found no dive computers”
    The Device manager look like this:
    -Bluetooth -radio
    – Broadcom Bluetooth 4.0
    – Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator

  8. In the app store it says the DiveLog app is $12, but then I believe you have to pay again once you buy the app, to add functionality to connect to and download from the Petrel 2. Could you please let us know what the cost is for that?

    Also, is Shearwater developing their own iOS app to be released someday, or will you be using Dive Log indefinitely?


    • Mark Lee

      Hi Calvin,

      I understand that the price of the in-app purchase to unlock the Petrel support in Dive Log is $2.99

  9. does this app work with the NERD?

  10. Hello

    I’m the happy owner of a Shearwater Perdix.
    Unfortunately, I can’t connect it to my android device using the “Petrel Log Manager” application available on the play store.
    I can connect my perdix to the “DiveMate” application ; however, I cannot download the dives without paying for an extra functionality.

    Before paying for the download functionality in DiveMate, I’d like to understand the problem with Petrel Log Manager
    Are the communication protocols of the Petrel 2 and the Perdix different ?


  11. Hi,
    I just upgraded my phone from a Samsung Galaxy S5 to a S7 and now the Petrel Log Manager app will not sync my dives to my new phone. It keeps giving me BT INIT FAIL. Is there going to be a update for the app soon to fix this?

  12. Will shearwater be updating shearwater desktop with a dive plan feature. It would be wonderful to plan dives using different gases and gradient factors then view run dives and deco stops directly on your desktop. You could also print them for future reference. Just as you can plan on a shearwater dive computer. Add that same function to the desktop software.

  13. Allez vous développer une compatibilité avec le programmateur de décompression pastodeco ? Sous iOS .


  14. Sue


    Can you please advise where I can send bug reports for the shearwater iOS app? I think I have found an issue when updating the environment details for a dive it updates all dives with the same details. I’m just not sure where to report it (and it’s probably known already).



    • Shearwater Research Shearwater Research

      Hi Sue, you can send bug reports to You can also take a look at our Known Issues list to see what we’re working on fixing.

  15. Re Petrel V1 – can you upload dives to windows 10 and keep up to date with firmware – as V1 has no bluetooth? Thanks, Haydn

  16. Hi,

    I recently bought an iPad and got the Shearwater Cloud beta software – looks great and appears to work well with my Perdix.

    I used Shearwater Desktop before.

    Is there a way to export my desktop dive logs to the cloud app so that I have everything in one place?

    Keep up the good work,


    • Shearwater Research Shearwater Research

      Good morning, Tim. Yes, there is a way to export your dives into Shearwater Cloud. On Shearwater Desktop go to File>Backup Database… This will allow you to save a file named ShearwaterDesktop.db into your desktop computer. Next, download and install Shearwater Cloud for desktops, if you haven’t done so yet. You can get the installer files for Mac and Windows here: After installing it, sign in with the same cloud account that you use in your iPad. In the upper left hand corner of Shearwater Cloud Desktop, you will find an icon named “Import”. Click on it and select “Import Shearwater Desktop Database”. This will open a dialog window prompting you to open the ShearwaterDesktop.db file that you saved earlier. After successfully importing it, click on an icon at the upper right hand corner named “Sync”. Finally open up Shearwater Cloud on your iPad and sync it and all your dives should be available.

      I hope this helps.

  17. Henrik

    Do you plan om supporting firmware updates via the Android app? I have a Predator and a Petrel 1…

    • Shearwater Research Shearwater Research

      Hi, Henrik. Firmware updates for Predators and Petrel 1s are supported through the Android app. First of all, make sure you have the latest version of Android app available from Google Play. Connections work better if you first pair your Predator and/or Petrel 1 through the bluetooth settings in your android device. After pairing, open the Shearwater Cloud app, click on the [Connect] bluetooth icon and your paired Predator and Petrel should appear in the list of available devices. After the connection is established, the option to update firmware should appear.

  18. Ali

    Hi … recently got my perdix AI and very impressed with everything. However, surprised that shearwater desktop does not let me plan my dives like suunto dm5 … any hope this feature coming out soon or need to keep running dm5?


    • Shearwater Research Shearwater Research

      Hello, Ali. Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback. We will add your suggestion to our feature request list. We cannot promise to implement all the suggestions we receive, but we do take all of them into consideration. Cheers.


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