Shearwater Firmware v18 for Teric is now available. This release is not a major feature release but is recommended for all users to address a few minor issues.

Version 18 includes the following changes:

  • Fixes issue that could cause a Watchdog Reset error in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed error where in CC/BO the dive log gas lists were swapped.
  • O2 % threshold for considering a gas a “deco gas” now 40% O2 (previously 50%).
  • Fixed display error in menu where in Gauge mode the GTR/SAC option value displayed as “Off (Gauge) Off” instead of just “Off (Gauge)”.



6 Responses

  1. Avatar Kathryn

    Having some trouble doing initial firmware update. Bluetooth not connecting. Any tips to get me on the right path? I have the Petrel 1 and I’ve updated fine, but Teric isn’t connecting. Just want to do the right things and be sure my Teric is up to date. LMK Kathryn

    • Dylan Winchester Dylan Winchester

      Hi Kathryn,
      We’ll just need to get some more information from you but we’d love to help you out!
      Please send us an email to with your Teric serial number and PC operating system.

  2. Avatar Johannes

    Hey all,

    I am concerned about bot being informed over needed deepstops when doing OC Rec dives with depth over 30 m…Using the Teric.

    How can a 1.000 EUR divecomputer which claims to be fine for beginners to experienced missing such an important function?

    I hope this is just a user error and can be fixed by adjusting the settings….

    Thanks for your reply…

    Best regards


    • Dylan Winchester Dylan Winchester

      Hi Johannes,
      Thanks for your question.
      There is no deep stop function in the Teric, you can customize your gradient factors in the computer to personalize your dive profile.
      You can find more information in the article ‘Clearing Up The Confusion About “Deep Stops”‘ by Erik Baker as well as in the articles on our website.

  3. Hi all! Love your products. Is there any chance that smart functions will be integrated in the Teric? Like incoming calls an messages?

    • Shearwater Research Shearwater Research

      Hi, Jelle. We will take your suggestion into consideration. We cannot promise implementation, but we will certainly take this into account.