Shearwater Firmware v87 for NERD 2 and Perdix AI, and v21 for Teric Is Now Available

Shearwater Firmware v87 is now available. This update is applicable to the NERD 2 and Perdix AI as they share a common firmware base. Firmware v21 is now available for the Teric.

Due to hardware differences, not all features are available on all models.

This release also includes new features, improvements and fixes. This v87 update is recommended for all users using NERD 2 and Perdix AI. And v21 for all users using the Teric.

Version 87 includes the following change:

  • This release is only for AI products (Perdix AI and NERD 2). This version addresses a minor bug where the Swift AI Tank Pressure Transmitter will occasionally send a false and unwarranted low battery warning. This change suppresses AI transmitter low battery warnings until four (4) have been received consecutively.

You can read the complete Release Notes here: Perdix AI and Nerd 2 Release Notes v87


Version 21 includes the following change:

  • This version addresses a minor bug where the Swift AI Tank Pressure Transmitter will occasionally send a false and unwarranted low battery warning. This change suppresses AI transmitter low battery warnings until four (4) have been received consecutively.

You can read the complete Release Notes here: Teric Release Notes v21

16 Responses

  1. Chris Myers

    I have tried several times to update to 87 from 84 (brand new never dived Perdix AI) and it returns a failed result with CRC error. I’ve sent a message to Shearwood about this issue.

    • Shearwater Research

      Hi Chris, I’m sorry to hear you’re having this issue with updating your Perdix AI. I see that a member of our Software team is helping you out through your email sent.

  2. Chris Myers

    Thank you and to Natalia. She replied quickly and I responded but then tried a reset and was able to update using the mobile app. You guys are fantastic as always and why I have two (soon to be three) models of your computers. 🙂

  3. Mike Hyslop

    I have a Teric running v21, with AI, but I have seen an odd (repeatable) behavior. If I turn on the tank and set the computer to dive (AI reports back tank pressure) then at 2m+ into the dive it says Dive Started in yellow and off you go all good. If I turn on the tank, but leave the computer in watch mode, then start the dive, I get Dive Started in yellow then I get a T1 critical battery warning also in yellow, then AI shows the T1 pressure correctly and the dive carries on as normal (I always have a manual SPG just incase).

    The T1 transmitter I am using is the grey model (not the new swift model)



  4. Peter Visser

    Just bought a new Perdix Ai and downloaded a manual. In system setup and then mode Oc rec does not come up as an option instead it has Air, Nitrox and 3 gas NX as choice. Is that the alternative to Oc rec?


    • Shearwater Research

      Hi Peter, thank you for your comment. Air, Nitrox, and 3 gas NX are the “OC Rec” options. I apologize for the confusion.

  5. Troy Cunningham

    I updated my Teric to firmware V.21 while on vacation this past week. a few things seem to be a little off with the update. first thing is my watch face doesn’t stay on all the time any more. I’m pretty sure it used to stay on when in watch mode.

    the one that had me the most concerned is as I started my decent around 5-10 feet I would get a yellow warning that T1 pressure was low. I thought maybe it was an indication the transducer battery is low but this is not the case. the log page on the computer shows the starting pressure for the dive as zero. When I down loaded the logs to my logbook on my lap top the actual start pressure is there.

    I never had any issues with the old firmware. Kinda wish I didn’t update it. is there going to be a fix soon? or is there any way I can revert back to the old firmware version?

    • Shearwater Research

      Hi Troy, Thank you for your comment. This is a known bug with the pressure warning that has a fix that will be implemented soon. Do you remember if your dive started while in Watch mode or had you intentionally switched it to Dive mode when beginning your descent? We’re sorry for this inconvenience, and will have this fix public shortly.

      Also, We have changed the timeout settings in a recent update. You can read more about it here:

      These can be changed in Menu -> Settings -> Display -> Timeouts. If you set the watch to “no motion” it will not time out at all if being worn as if it detects any motion it will stay on for another 20 minutes.

      The maximum time you can set for it to not turn off for if not worn (e.g left on charging dock/table) is 20 minutes.

  6. Mike Hyslop

    Hi Troy.

    My computer does something very similar, do you have it in dive mode before you enter the water? I found that if I “Lazy” dive and wait for the computer to switch itself I get the error, if I have it in dive mode before entering the water I don’t get the error.


  7. Sascha

    My Shearwater Desktop (Win10) updated my Perdix “NON-AI” to v87. But v87 “is only for AI products”?
    Should I downgrade to v84? I dont think so, but just to be sure and if: How to? I just used “update firmware” from the main menu.

    I am confused, because here it’s written that current version is v84:

  8. Lukasz

    Hi Sascha,

    same here. Just got new standard (non-AI) Perdix. For now it is running v81 firmware but both mobile and desktop app show that v87 is available. Moreover my unit is showed as “Perdix AI” in Shearwater Cloud app (What about yours?).


    • Shearwater Research

      Hi Lukas, most Perdix (non AI) computers cannot update to 87, but some can. We are investigating workarounds for this. Some versions of the Perdix and Perdix AI are made with the same board. The only difference in these models is the lack of an AI antenna on the Perdix version. From the code, we don’t have a way to tell the difference between the AI and non AI versions of these boards.

      Please let us know if you have any questions.

      This is also the same reason why it is difficult to prevent some Perdix models from updating to v87.


    Good afternoon,
    updated the Perdix AI to version #87, as a result disappeared “mini AI display”. How to display the “mini AI display” on the screen?

    Or how to go back to version 84 ?

    Regards Eugene.

  10. Hello, I have a perdix with firmware V81. I tried updating firmware using shearwater app on my iphone…at the end of the download….It says firmware update failed. I tried this 3x already. Please help.

    • Shearwater Research

      Hi Fred, I’m sorry to hear that your Perdix is not updating properly in the Cloud app on your iPhone. Can you re-confirm the current firmware version in System Setup – Advanced Config – System Info? Sometimes the firmware will update but not appear clearly enough to indicate it has done so. It will then fail subsequent updates. If it is still not updated, can you email us at with your iPhone version, Perdix serial number, and Cloud app version?


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