Shearwater Cloud Mobile Beta 2.0.3 is Now Available

You can now get Shearwater Cloud Mobile Beta 2.0.3 through the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Release Notes for Shearwater Mobile Beta 2.0.3

(also available at the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store).

•       New Bluetooth device picker.

•       Horizontal support, including full screen graph when viewed horizontally

•       Petrel, NERD and Predator support for Android

•       Dive date, time and dive number can now be changed.

•       Date preferences can now be set in the settings panel

•       Privacy Policy and Terms of Service links are now more visible.

•       Removed support for Amazon S3 (Legacy Cloud)

Storage Change for Shearwater Cloud Beta

In order to support Predator dives as well as support importing dives from Shearwater Desktop Beta, we needed to alter how dives are stored in the cloud. We are calling the previous solution the Legacy Cloud, and the new solution Upgraded Cloud. In order to minimize impact on customers who are using Shearwater Cloud Beta, we have broken down this migration into several steps.

Step 1) Side-by side support of Legacy Cloud and Upgraded Cloud

  • This means that Shearwater Cloud Desktop Beta and Shearwater Cloud Mobile will first sync with Legacy Cloud and then Upgraded Cloud.
  • Dives that are in Legacy Cloud will automatically be migrated to Upgraded Cloud
  • No new information will be added to Legacy Cloud. All edited information and new dives will be stored in Upgraded Cloud

Step 2) Dropping support of Legacy Cloud in upcoming releases

  • New Apps will only access Upgraded Cloud
  • Versions of the app that work with side-by-side support will still work and continue to migrate dives added to them.

Step 3) Sunsetting Legacy Cloud (time to be announced)

  • Old versions of the app must be updated to continue to be able to sync.

All current versions of Shearwater Cloud Mobile Beta use side-by-side support of both Legacy Cloud and Upgraded Cloud. Shearwater Cloud Desktop has always supported side-by-side support. Shearwater Cloud Mobile Beta 2.0.0 will be the first version of Shearwater Cloud to drop support for Legacy Cloud.

How Does this Affect Me?

First of all, it is very important to keep your apps up to date and to synchronize with the cloud regularly. As long as you have recent versions of Shearwater Mobile Beta, and you sync your dives to Shearwater Cloud Beta, your dives will already be migrated. There’s nothing special that you need to do!

If you use Shearwater Cloud Desktop Beta, you also don’t need to do anything special to upgrade, just keep Shearwater Cloud Desktop Beta up to date.

If you have a very old version of Shearwater Cloud Mobile Beta (1.0.1 or earlier), you need to make sure that you sync before updating to the latest version of Shearwater Mobile Beta. This will ensure that your dives can be imported by the new version.

Before we sunset Legacy Cloud, we will run migration scripts to ensure that everyone’s dives have been migrated over to the new system.

I use the mobile app, but I don’t use the Cloud functionality. Does this affect me?

No, if you do not use the Cloud functionality, you are not affected.


7 Responses

  1. On the cloud apps, at least the mobile ones (haven’t checked the desktop), the “average depth” appears in the “computer details” view NOT in the “Dive Details” view. Please correct this and put average depth under dive details where it belongs.

    Please make desktop app column resizing allowed. The columns are currently fixed width and in most cases way too wide.

    Please consider a “notes” or “summary page” that summarizes things like total bottom time, etc. The notes page can have random user generated text (like wieghing info for different equipment configurations, making general user info easy to find).

  2. Please fix the Bluetooth disconnect issue on Macs. Using an iMac, the keyboard and mouse are via Bluetooth and disconnect when the single is plugged in making the Mac uncontrollable. This prohibits use of the “workaround” fix mentioned in troubleshooting. The “real” work around is basically to keep using the mouse or keyboard for anything else, and the dive computer (Perdix AI, in my case) stays connected. Make the DC handshake once in awhile (add a watchdog).

    • Shearwater Research Shearwater Research

      Hi, Robin. Thank for taking the time to test Shearwater Cloud Beta and for making the effort of writing your feedback and sending it over to us. Feedback from our customers plays an important role on how our products are developed. We will pass it on to our developers.

  3. Ray


    Does the development team have a preferred email, google group, or github page where we can submit bugs, feedback, or issues with Cloud Beta (iOS, Desktop, Android)?



    • Shearwater Research Shearwater Research

      Thank you for the suggestion, Ray. We do have an email address where you can send us this type of feedback. We will also look into other options like github to see if we set it up in the future.

  4. William

    Is there a way to see the dive log on “the cloud” via web browser, or only on the phone app and compute app?

    • Shearwater Research Shearwater Research

      Unfortunately, no. There is no web based Cloud viewer. However, I will log your question as a feature request and we will collectively consider the viability of making it a new feature. Thanks.


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