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Yes, the standard Tern computer is not air integrated.  

Yes. The Tern TX will work with both Swift and Legacy transmitters. 

No. The silver Tern bezel and buttons and the black Tern TX bezel and buttons are unique to each model at this time In the event of damage our service center can replace parts if needed. Please note that wear & tear or user damage is not covered under warranty.

No. Shearwater does not operate a trade in program. Contact your local Shearwater dealer for pricing and availability of a Tern or Tern TX. Or try before you buy at a Shearwater Authorized Demo Centre dealer. 

No. The Tern and Tern TX comes with a powerful customizable vibration alert system.

Shearwater recommends service of your dive computer every 2 years by an authorized service centre. 

Like all lithium batteries, the Tern should be charged prior to storage, and topped up every few months to ensure the battery is not damaged by being completely discharged. After-dive care includes thoroughly rinsing in clean water and storing it dry. Take care to avoid using high-pressure water to wash or compressed air to dry.

The Remora band is Shearwater's easily swappable dive computer bracelet. The Remora band comes in five colours and is compatible with both Tern and Teric Dive Computers.

Yes, the Tern comes with a screen protector fitted from the factory. To avoid any confusion, an additional film protector is included, bearing the notice ‘This dive computer comes with a screen protector preinstalled, which should be removed before use. 

No. Your new Shearwater computer comes with a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase from your Shearwater dealer. The warranty lives with the computer rather than the diver and there is no need to register it with us. We recommend retaining your proof of purchase. 

Lithium-ion batteries, such as the one in the Tern and Tern TX, can be damaged if completely discharged. The Tern and Tern TX has have internal protection which disconnects the battery before complete discharge occurs. However, a small amount of self-discharge still occurs, which can lead to complete discharge and subsequently battery damage if stored for long periods without recharging.

To prevent damage to the battery please do the following:

1) Fully charge the Tern and Tern TX prior to storage

2) Top up the Tern and Tern TX battery every 3 months. 

No, the Tern and Tern TX are standalone only products. 

The AMOLED panel has the same fantastic brightness and color gamut. The Tern’s screen is 2.2 mm smaller in diameter compared to the Teric’s. Additionally, the Teric’s screen is bonded to the sapphire lens, which enhances light transmission and improves the viewing angle. 

The battery can be serviced at a Shearwater service centre. It is not user replaceable. 

AI will not affect the battery life of the Tern TX when it is turned off or in watch mode. If the Tern TX has AI enabled and is in dive mode, power usage will increase by a small amount (roughly 10%, but this will vary) with one transmitter and a little more with two transmitters. If a transmitter is not being used, it is recommended that it be disabled (turned off) in the Tern TX system menu. Unpairing a transmitter in addition to turning it off will not further impact battery life. 

The Tern offers basic watch functionality and great looks, which is perfect for the surface interval and diving weekends. We do not include hybrid smart watch functions. Shearwater makes dedicated dive computers which are powerful, simple, and reliable. We believe that reliable and intuitive instrumentation underwater is critical to your enjoyment and safety. The underwater environment is not a place to read manuals or remember complex button pushes. 

The Tern is designed for sport and light technical diving. If you anticipate progressing to technical diving in the future, you should consider the Teric or Perdix 2, which offer advanced functionality. Or, if interested in CCR diving specifically, our NERD2 and Petrel 3 are compatible with various rebreather models.  

Bühlmann ZHL-16C with gradient factors featuring preset conservatism settings of low, medium, or high. User-customized gradient factors are also possible. The Tern does not support additional algorithm unlocks such as VPM or DCIEM at this time. 

The Tern features an alkali-aluminosilicate toughened glass lens that is resistant to scratches and boasts excellent transparency and impact resistance. Nevertheless, we recommend using a screen protector to maintain the Tern’s pristine appearance through all your adventures. 

How to Calibrate: 

  1. Find magnetic north using a compass 
  2. Find compass setting in Tern - (menu > settings > compass) 
  3. Calibrate and confirm 
  4. Rotate the Tern on all three axis TOWARDS magnetic north - forward, sideways, and on edge 
  5. Continue rotating the Tern in random directions for remaining calibration time 
  6. Check the Tern against the compass 

Firmware Updates

Current Firmware Version: 26

Update instructions

Note: Updating the firmware will reset the decompression tissue loading.

  1. Ensure that you have the latest Shearwater Cloud installed
  2. In Shearwater Cloud, click or tap on the Connect icon
  3. On your Tern or Tern TX, press the MENU button repeatedly until the Bluetooth option is highlighted and then select it by pressing the FUNC button
  4. After a successful connection is achieved, select UPDATE FIRMWARE in Shearwater Cloud
  5. Follow the instructions in Shearwater Cloud


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