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No. The DCIEM algorithm is only available in Air and Nitrox modes with a single gas up to 40%.

DCIEM is a diving algorithm based on the Kidd/Stubbs serial decompression model developed by the Defence and Civil Institute of Environmental Medicine (DCIEM).

The DCIEM algorithm has been validated by the Defence and Civil Institute of Environmental Medicine with thousands of Doppler evaluated dives assessing the formation of bubbles which are thought to contribute to decompression sickness.

Every diver can use the DCIEM algorithm. It is the preferred diving algorithm for many commercial divers, and several Navy’s throughout the world including Canada, Australia, Italy, Norway, and many more.

$300 CAD for only an unlock code.

$250 CAD if purchased pre-installed on a Shearwater dive computer.

Bhulmann is a parallel decompression model developed by Dr. Albert Bhulmann. DCIEM is a serial decompression model developed by the Defence and Civil Institute of Environmental Medicine of Canada which has been validated with thousands of controlled manned test dives.


Yes, when you purchase an unlock code you will have access to both your Bhulmann algorithm, and your new DCIEM algorithm on the same dive computer. While you are on the surface you can switch between the Bhulmann and DCIEM algorithms. You are not able to switch between algorithms while on a dive.

The Peregrine, Perdix 2, Nerd 2 and Petrel 3 can all be used with DCIEM in single gas Air and Nitrox modes only.

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