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November 10, 2022


Have you ever pictured the world as part of a fractal dimension? A cauliflower dividing into fractions of itself. The space we occupy into it is as immense as microscopic? It is all a []

An Island View From Inside Flooded Caves

September 14, 2022

An Island View From Inside Flooded Caves

Along the southwest coast of Madagascar, with temperatures in the middle 80s F, June is a relatively cool time of year. Dry, sandy, and rough, the road is lined by great thickets of spiny indigenous []

Extreme (and Not So Extreme) Multistage Sidemount Cave Diving with AI

March 2, 2022

Extreme (and Not So Extreme) Multistage Sidemount Cave Diving with AI

Soft flakes of microbial goo slapped my face as I scootered through them at high speed on my DPV. My exploration partner Vincent Rouquette-Cathala and I were back on our DPVs at our massive exploration []

Cave Corals Project

December 8, 2021

Cave Corals Project

This is the story of a cave diver in love with corals who started a science project, and became the crazy coral lady. It’s hard to pinpoint the moment it started. Growing up I []

Mentally Estimating Deco in a Cave

August 4, 2021

Mentally Estimating Deco in a Cave


So there you are, 40 minutes into a cave dive, currently at 100ft/30m. You check your computer, and it’s showing a no decompression limit (NDL) of 10 minutes. You didn’t expect the cave to []

Xíimbalil-Ja’ Festival!

February 4, 2021

Xíimbalil-Ja’ Festival!

With the purpose of discovering and sharing the natural wonders of the peninsula of Yucatan through impressive images, the exhibition "Xíimbalil-Ja’, Kaxan ts'ono'oto'ob" (loosely translated from Mayan local dialect as “strolling through water, discovering the []


Upcoming Dive Shows

Shearwater Research will be at the following dive shows:

Canadian Underwater Conference & Exhibition (CUCE)

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ADEX Singapore

Read More / Mar 31 - Apr 2

MARINE DIVING FAIR (マリンダイビングフェア)

Read More / Apr 7-9

Rebreather Forum 4

Read More / Apr 20-22

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FDIC International

Read More / Apr 24-29 5259

International Exposition S&R

Read More / May 5-7

TDEX Thailand Dive Expo

Read More / May 18-21

MIDE Malaysia International Dive Expo

Read More / May 26-28

Long Beach Scuba Show

Read More / Jun 3-4 720 and 722

Firehouse Expo

Read More / Sep 25-29 248

DEMA 2023

Read More / Nov 14-17 3728