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Must Have Rocks In My Head

February 1, 2023

Must Have Rocks In My Head

One of things I very much enjoy, is watching rockfish along a reef. Something many divers enjoy as well. The issue is that the Puget Sound’s ‘Edmonds Underwater Park’, which I support at Edmonds, Washington, []

Working at a Dive Shop, Not a “Job”

January 11, 2023

Working at a Dive Shop, Not a “Job”

Many people I know, consider their careers more “jobs” with the accompanying drudgery of the work they do, however, I am an example of how we can find ways to combine the activities we love []

The Somers…A Ghost Ship

December 7, 2022

The Somers…A Ghost Ship

Delving deeply into the research of a shipwreck prior to exploration, alters the experience from witnessing scrap metal and wood to visiting a sunken museum where the crew struggled for survival in a different era []


November 10, 2022


Have you ever pictured the world as part of a fractal dimension? A cauliflower dividing into fractions of itself. The space we occupy into it is as immense as microscopic? It is all a []

An Island View From Inside Flooded Caves

September 14, 2022

An Island View From Inside Flooded Caves

Along the southwest coast of Madagascar, with temperatures in the middle 80s F, June is a relatively cool time of year. Dry, sandy, and rough, the road is lined by great thickets of spiny indigenous []

Freediving for Research and Conservation

August 10, 2022

Freediving for Research and Conservation

Feediving or breath-hold diving has been around for hundreds, if not arguably, thousands of years. It is our most ancient means to enter the sea to hunt and gather that which we need. Personally, []


Upcoming Dive Shows

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ADEX Singapore

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MARINE DIVING FAIR (マリンダイビングフェア)

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FDIC International

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International Exposition S&R

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TDEX Thailand Dive Expo

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MIDE Malaysia International Dive Expo

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Long Beach Scuba Show

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Firehouse Expo

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DEMA 2023

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