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Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems in Indonesia

October 17, 2019

Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems in Indonesia

The Twilight Zone… No, it is neither the name of a fancy new Disneyland attraction, nor the sequel of a famous teenage vampire movie. It is actually the unscientific way of referring to a very []

Screen Protector for Teric

July 23, 2019

Screen Protector for Teric

Terics will no longer come with a glass screen protector pre-installed. We have switched to a longer-lasting, PET Screen Protector. The PET Screen Protector will come uninstalled with all new Teric's.

An assembly kit will []

Déjà vu?

December 29, 2018

Déjà vu?

What is a NERD? What is AI?

I recently upgraded my Dive Rite O2ptima rebreather with the new back mounted counter lungs and the built-in bail out valve (BOV) mouthpiece, (which allows me to breathe []


Upcoming Dive Shows

Shearwater Research will be at the following dive shows:

2020 Diving Festival Tokyo

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2020 Underwater Intervention

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2020 Boston Sea Rover

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2020 Beneath the Sea

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2020 TecFestNZ

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2020 Adex Singapore

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2020 DRT Shanghai

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2020 TEKDiveUSA

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2020 Scuba Show Long Beach

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2020 MIDE

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