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March 10, 2020


Shearwater Firmware v17 for Teric is now available. This release is not a major feature release but is recommended for all users to address a few minor issues.

Version 17 includes the following changes:

Exploring Ursus

January 24, 2020

Exploring Ursus

I had my hand circled around a thin, twisted strand of cave line, attempting to stay still and neutrally buoyant while muddy microbial goop rained around me. The visibility in the cave wasn't zero – []

Colour Your Dive with New Teric Bezel and Wrist Strap Colours

October 28, 2019

Colour Your Dive with New Teric Bezel and Wrist Strap Colours

Introducing brand new stainless steel silver and blue bezels and an array of colourful straps for the Shearwater Teric. With ten new wrist strap colours (one is a nylon strap) and two new bezels []

Natural Born Freedivers

August 26, 2019

Natural Born Freedivers

Human beings are natural-born freedivers. 

Our bodies respond to being in water in many fascinating ways. We exhibit the same adaptations as dolphins, whales and seals. By becoming aware of our innate response to water, we can []

Screen Protector for Teric

July 23, 2019

Screen Protector for Teric

Terics will no longer come with a glass screen protector pre-installed. We have switched to a longer-lasting, PET Screen Protector. The PET Screen Protector will come uninstalled with all new Teric's.

An assembly kit will []

Teric Firmware v09 is now available

August 16, 2018

Teric Firmware v09 is now available

Teric firmware v09 is now available. This update includes minor improvements and bug fixes, mostly related to charging. This release does not include new major features. This update is recommended for all users.

You can []


Upcoming Dive Shows

Shearwater Research will be at the following dive shows:

2020 Adex Singapore

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2020 FDIC

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2020 DRT Shanghai

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2020 TEKDiveUSA

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2020 CUCE

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2020 TecFestNZ

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2020 DRT Taiwan

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2020 Scuba Show Long Beach

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2020 TDEX Thailand Dive Expo

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2020 MIDE

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