Do I have a Petrel or Petrel 2?

How Can I tell if I have a Petrel or Petrel 2?

Excellent question!

For those out there with this very enquiry, here is a step-by-step guide on how to determine if your unit is a Petrel or a Petrel 2 if you have a Stand Alone or Fischer:

1. First turn on your computer.


2. Push the left button until you’ve reached “System Setup”.System-Setup

3. Press Next until you’ve reached “Advanced Config”. Advanced-Config

4. Press Edit and go into “System Info”.

5. Look at your hardware version. If it’s 2.4.0 or higher you have a Petrel 2. If it’s below 2.4.0 you have a Petrel 1.

However if you have a DiveCAN model if it’s 3.4.0 or higher you have a Petrel 2. If it’s below you have a Petrel 1.


It’s as simple as that. Now that you’ve solved the mystery of whether you have the Petrel 1 or Petrel 2 feel free to learn more about your unit by visiting our FAQ page.

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  1. Avatar fy

    Hi, my Petrel’s hardware version is 3.2.0 (higher than 2.4.0 = Petrel 2) yet I do not have the compass feature even after updating to v27 firmware. Appreciate your clarification, thank you.

    • Avatar Shearwater Research

      Hello Fy,

      Is your Petrel a DiveCAN controller on a rebreather? If so the DiveCAN Petrel 2 is 3.4.0 and higher. For more information, please send us an email at

  2. This is a battery cap question. I have a petrol 1 (hardware version 2.1.0). I believe I have a crushed cap battery cap. Even though the spring screw head type is a machine screw with pan head and Torx T10 that is shown as making it a radial cap. My o-ring groove style matched what you show for the crushed cap. Just under the batter cap the shoulder for the o-ring is a flat vertical surface before the threads begin. There isn’t the o-ring groove style shown for the radial cap. ‘RC’ isn’t stamped under the wrist strap (SRI-0314), the o-ring is black, and the computer turns on only after i’ve almost completely screwed the cap down with effort. I don’t feel the o-ring getting snug. I just feel the cap bottom out and then it cannot be tightened further. So what do you recommed? A new o-ring for a crushed cap or a new radial cap. I must confess I put two slight nicks or perhaps you’d call them depression on the surface edge of the first two threads of the cap near the lid.

    • Shearwater Research Shearwater Research

      Rob can you please send us an email to so that we can help you out with this case. Thanks.

  3. Avatar Mike Place


    I have a Petrel but Im not sure which version I have. The Hardware is 2.1.0. Firmware V12.

    I believe it’s version 1. Can you please confirm?



    • Shearwater Research Shearwater Research

      Hi Mike. You are correct. You do have a Petrel 1.

  4. Avatar Ian

    Hi, I have a Hollis Prism 2 with a Petrel. The Petrel has Firmware V44, Hardware 3.2.0, Features 48005. Do I have a Petrel 1 or 2?

    • Shearwater Research Shearwater Research

      For DiveCAN models, a handset is a Petrel 2 if the hardware version is 3.4.0 or higher and it has the compass and Bluetooth Smart (BLE). Your handset seems to be a Petrel 1.

  5. Avatar Karim Adel

    i have HW 2.2.1 and Firmware V28 and i cant find a compass
    is that a Petrel 1 or 2 and can I have a compass in it?

    • Shearwater Research Shearwater Research

      Hi, Karim.

      The official determination of whether a Petrel supports the compass is checking the hardware version in:
      System Setup->Adv Config->System Info

      For SA and EXT:
      Hardware version 2.4.0 or higher has the compass and Bluetooth Smart Ready.

      For DiveCAN models:
      Hardware version 3.4.0 or higher has the compass and Bluetooth Smart Ready.

      Based on the information above, you have a Petrel 1 and it cannot be upgraded to have a compass.


  6. Avatar Eugenio Longo

    A noticed some confusion even among Petrel owners about the model they own (1 or 2).
    Imagine how difficult can be for someone like me who’s trying to buy a second hand rebreather, to find out the model just by looking at the pictures published by the different sellers. Even when I ask, some of them are not entirely sure.
    Wouldn’t it be more convenient if you marked the Petrel2 models with a cosmetic sign that would help identify the correct unit without looking at the system info?
    Best regards,

    • Shearwater Research Shearwater Research

      Thank you for the suggestion, Eugenio. We will take it into consideration.


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