Shearwater Desktop 3.0.8 Certificate Issues

For users running into certificate problems (shown below) when updating to Shearwater Desktop 3.0.8, a fresh install is needed.

NOTE: Please make sure to follow all 8 steps!

NOTE: A fresh install of Shearwater Desktop WILL NOT delete your existing dives.


How to perform a fresh install:

  1. Open your Applications folder in Finder
  2. Locate the Shearwater folder in Applications
  3. Drag the Shearwater folder to the Trash
  4. Empty the Trash (This step is crucial in removing the app completely)
  5. Download Shearwater Desktop v3.0.8 here
  6. Install Shearwater Desktop


For users that have the Sierra OS:

When double-clicking on Install Shearwater Desktop, an “Unidentified Developer” message will prompt when trying to install:


To bypass this message, perform the following steps:

1. Open ShearwaterDesktop_3.0.8.dmg

2. Open Install Shearwater Desktop by Control-Clicking or Right Clicking, select Open from the menu that appears


3. Click Open in the dialog box. If prompted, enter an administration name and password.


Note: Another “Unidentified Developer” error may popup during installation. If this occurs:

i) Open up “System Preferences” on your Mac

ii) Navigate to “Security & Privacy

iii) Click Open Anyway


4. Upon a successful installation, navigate to Applications > Shearwater Research

5. Control-Click or Right Click Shearwater Desktop, select Show Package Content from the menu that appears


6. Open Contents > MacOS > Shearwater Desktop and open it

7. A new file called “Shearwater Desktop_32” will appear in the folder. Shearwater Desktop will open automatically to complete the installation process

8. Congratulations! Shearwater Desktop is now installed on your computer

If you continue to run into any issues please feel free to email us at

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  1. I have followed these instruction to upgrade to 3.0.8 on OSX Sierra. The application installs and now simply won’t launch. I’ve gone from old desktop version to one that won’t open and i can’t download my dive data.

    • I have followed the instruction to install the Shearwater Desktop on my MAC. The application installs and won’t launch.

      I also just bought two Perdix AI’s, is there a location on your website to register the computers

  2. I’m in France
    It’s impossible to connect my Perdix since i’ve sierra on my MAC.

    What can i do please


  3. Same issue for me on macOS 10.12.2. I had the certificate error initially so I deleted and reinstalled the application. It seems to have installed fine (if I try to reinstall again, it tells me the same version is already installed) but won’t launch. No obvious crash or error message. Adobe AIR version is, which I believe is the latest update.

  4. Mac

    Same issue, I can get it to install on Mac 10.12.2 but app won’t start. Surprised I don’t see a response from Shearwater here yet.

    • Shearwater Research

      Please send an email with your problem to our address. We are closed for Christmas holidays until Wed. Someone from our tech support department will be in touch to assist you then.

      • I believe at last I have managed to connect my new MacBook Air with OS Sierra 10.12.2 software. However, I cannot for the life of me get the Mac and the shearwater petrel 2 to communicate. I have checked and double checked the bluetooth is turned on and the Mac is picking up all other bluetooth devices but not the Petrel. I have initiated the log download but all I seem to get on the Mac is “Error 190# Scan for dive comupter failed”.

        I have tried turning the Mac Off and back On again but still nothing.

        Please help


        • Shearwater Research

          Hello Steve, please send an email to our address. I will put you in touch with our tech support department. They will be back to work tomorrow.

  5. I also have had som issues with upgrading and downloading Dive log. I have not tried to do a fresh install as I didn’t´t want to have same problems as Mike stated on 4th december…

    “I have followed these instruction to upgrade to 3.0.8 on OSX Sierra. The application installs and now simply won’t launch. I’ve gone from old desktop version to one that won’t open and i can’t download my dive data”

    I run Shearwater Desktop v.2.5.0 with macOS Sierra v.10.12.2 and wonder if the issues mentioned before by others are solved?

    Kind Regards


  6. one step is missing in Certificate error instructions, After you put the previous Shearwater desktop program in the trash empty trash and restart computer then try installing the new desktop app it worked for me

  7. I have just spent over three hours following instructions trying to update my Perdix via the update to Desktop 3.0.8. I have followed your instructions (repeatedly) to install and reinstall Shearwater Desktop and/or Adobe Air on my Mac running OSX Sierra. Long and short of it is that my Perdix no longer links with the Desktop. Having followed your online instructions to reinstall Adobe Air that has not resolved the issue and has in fact made it worse as Desktop 3.0.8 now refuses to run at all. I have emailed on this issue previously and the solution given was to follow the instructions on the website to remedy the problem. THOSE INSTRUCTIONS DO NOT REMEDY THE PROBLEM. I now have a Perdix computer that I can’t update and a Shearwater Desktop 3.0.8 that refuses to open and sync with the computer itself.
    Guys, you really need to sort this out…..

  8. Hi – is there an update to this issue? I am reluctant to delete my earlier version until I know there is a working fix running a mac os sierra 10.12.3 and a perdix…

    • Unfortunately this will always be a problem for 3.0.8. Mac is only unfriendly with the installer so the application still runs as expected.

      Contact us at: we can guide your through these steps.

  9. HI! I’m running El Capitan ver.10.11.6 (15G1212), I nstalled teh Shearwater desktop to thry and sync my perdixAI but the desktop is not reciogininsing the the dive comp, in fact I cant even see the dive comp register in the blue tooth function window of my computer.

    • Shearwater Research

      Hello Eugene, please email us at and we will forward it to our tech support department

  10. Hi Guys,

    i am running Mac Desktop sw 2.5.6
    I want tot update to latest version 3.1.0 but read the latest errors with installer and get the same du etc insecure or different license and signature.

    My Mac is 10.12.3 OS Sierra

    Means it is not a installer problem – more a developer and official signature problem by shearwater.
    Times and rules have changed at MS and Apple. Only sw with official signature will be accepted.
    More detailed will be found at Apple etc.

    How do you help me now?

    Best rgds


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