Screen Protector for Teric

Terics will no longer come with a glass screen protector pre-installed. We have switched to a longer-lasting, PET Screen Protector. The PET Screen Protector will come uninstalled with all new Teric's.

An assembly kit will be found inside the ballistic case in all new Teric's.

Assembly Kit includes:

  • 2 PET Screen Protector
  • microfiber cloth
  • dust absorber sticker
  • dry/wet wipes
  • squeegee

Replacement PET Screen Protector assembly kits are available for purchase from your local dealer.

8 Responses

  1. Mike

    I purchased a first generation teric that did not include any screen protectors. I attempted to make one with a cell phone screen protector and it worked but is very rough on the edges (cut with a scissors)

    Are you offering this as a replacement kit for people that bough the first generation of these?

    Thank you,
    Mike lambert

  2. Debra Rubin

    I tried to use both that came with it unsuccessfully and have never had trouble applying any screen protector. I don’t know what I am doing wrong and it is really frustrating, especially if I have to purchase more and do not do it right.

  3. chris dusio

    Does the Teric have a removable protector from the factory? I have a small scratch on it, I don’t want to mess with it until I am sure I can replace it properly. I purchased it in 2019

    • Trisha Stovel

      Hi Chris, sorry for the scare. Fortunately, it is only the glass screen protector that has been damaged. This is in place to protect the sapphire crystal display from scratches or scuffs. You can remove the screen protector by placing tape over the screen to hold it together, and lifting up at the edge (using something soft like a wooden toothpick helps pry it up). We’d be happy to send you a couple replacements. If you like, please send me your shipping address and phone number to info(at)


  4. Charles Frazier

    I recently dove in Venice for shark teeth and forgot my regulator which had a compass on the console. I borrowed the boat captain’s spare regulator which had no compass and I needed to do a square search. No problem I thought, I can use the Shearwater compass. Unfortunately through all 3 dives the red north needle oscillated between 10 and 12 oclock. I rotated on the surface, in and out of the water and it stayed there. Suggestions? No metal nearby.

    • Trisha Stovel

      Hello Charles, I’m sorry to hear that you had this issue with the digital compass on these dives. It sounds like it needed to be calibrated before diving in this case. Here is a video on our Shearwater YouTube channel about how to properly calibrate: I hope you had success in Venice with finding shark teeth on your dives.

      Trisha Stovel
      Customer Support Representative